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Ryan Seacrest Reacts to ‘American Idol’ Cancellation

SEACREST OUT! After 15 seasons of American Idol, Fox is pulling the plug. The announcement comes two days before the […]

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Nicky B Exclusive: Kelly Rowland x Dreft

Nicky B joined new mom, singer/songwriter and avid Dreft user Kelly Rowland to unveil Dreft’s new line of laundry care […]

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William Gay : His Battle Against Domestic Violence

Professional football Player , William Gay is working tirelessly against a very important issue at hand…domestic violence. When Gay was […]

" Stop wishing. Start doing. "
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Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner’s Transition: ‘I Support Him 100%’

During Friday’s interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner said Kardashian was the “most accepting” of his transition…and today Kim Kardashian sat […]

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Netflix officially orders ‘Full House’ revival for 2016

ITS OFFICIAL! …A ‘Full House‘ spinoff is set for Netflix! Full House originally ran on ABC from 1987-95. Today, John Stamos […]

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One-on-One with “Black-ish” Star Anthony Anderson

“Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson unveiled a docu-style #SwifferDad video on Tuesday, featuring real dads and their kids. Anthony served as an […]

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